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Can someone tell me why a "Pioneer DVD-106S" DVD ROM won't work with
this motherboard

Best link I could find for the Pioneer (it's old - 2001)

Re: Pioneer DVD ROM Question

Ron wrote:
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The motherboard has an ICH7 Southbridge, with one IDE port on the
Southbridge. So there is no excuse for that (IDE port) to be not working,
from a hardware perspective. Intel stuff usually works.

Your next stop, would be the BIOS screens. Go to "On-Chip ATA Devces"
(misspelled in the manual). "ATA/IDE Configuration" should be set
to [Enhanced], if you want to use all six drives. And all six drives
would work, in an OS like Win2K, WinXP, or Vista. Only four of six
would work in Win98, and you'd need to use "Compatible" setting for
that, and make a selection of which four of six drives that are

WinXP has drivers for the Enhanced (PCI address space) mode, in

Be careful if changing that setting, in the sense that the
choice of settings should be considered with respect to what
OS you're running (and which service pack). Any change to that
part of the hardware setup, can lead to issues like refusal to boot.

Once you'd verified that, you can look in the BIOS screen,
to see if the identity string for the Pioneer is visible in
the BIOS. You should be able to drill down to that stuff,
via "Standard CMOS Features".

Other than that, you'd check the usual suspects, like a bad cable,
bad choice of "master/slave/cable_select" jumper on the back of
the drive, or forgotting to connect power cable. Try pressing the button
on the tray, and see if the tray opens and closes. You can also try
the device, while it is pulled out of the drive bay, just in case
it is a grounding problem of some sort (someone had a problem like that
yesterday, which was news to me).

The device is also old, and may have died while in storage or due to
handling (electrostatic discharge). Many things are possible. And
new drives are pretty cheap.


Re: Pioneer DVD ROM Question

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An easy method to verify if the problem is windows related or just a
hardware, bios, drive problem is to try downloading one of the Linux or Unix
live distribution CD's and boot from that.  If the CDRom works from there
then the problem is a driver problem in Windows and not hardware.

If memory serves there used to be three different flavors of CDRom drives in
the early days which used mutually incompatible drivers.  Microsoft or the
hardware venders finally picked one of them as the winner and uses it as the
default driver during installation but others may be installed if needed.

If the unit works using one of the Live Linux cd's then you might try
download and installing a driver from Pioneer.  Many times I have had to
download drivers from one of the European Pioneer web sites as the USA sites
would no longer have them on a web page for downloading.

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