Pioneer Blu-Ray burner

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All of a sudden, just tonight while my lawyer stood here waiting for me to
burn a couple of DVD's he needs for a court case tomorrow, I get this!

I had to have all the best stuff in this computer when I built this
computer, so I put out about $125 for a bluray burner. I don't think I have
ever burnt but two blu-ray disks since I've had it. I have burnt a lot of
DVDs though.

Fortunately my #2 computer burnt them just fine

The first thing I did was to uninstall it in Device Manager and let it find
it again. No help. I tried burning a CD and that didn't work either. I
notice the light doesn't burn when it attempts to burn and I used the same
DVD's it spit out on the other computer so obviously it never wrote
anything at all.

The $29 one (without the blu-ray) I'm going to replace it with will
probably last forever.

ImgBurn doesn't work either but it gives a more detailed error message.

It reads just fine. I just stuck a movie in it and it started playing just

If anyone wants it, just tell me where to send it  :-)

            -- I'm out of white ink --

Re: Pioneer Blu-Ray burner

Menno Hershberger wrote:
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One person here, references a thread on a "software mix" causing the problem.
Another suggests trying different media. /

It could be the media tag isn't being recognized properly. And perhaps
you could check for a firmware update for the BDR-205.

The first thing I do, when I get a new optical drive, is look for
new firmware for it. Because sometimes, the design isn't finished,
when it leaves the factory. They add a few more media tags, in
the firmware update.

There are all sorts of ideas out there, and it's expensive to
entertain all of them (try new media, try new burner, etc.).

By the way, 16x is impressively fast. I don't think I've ever had
media that fast here.


Re: Pioneer Blu-Ray burner

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I just replaced it with an ASUS DRW-24B11ST and have given it a pretty
good testing. It is doing great. I usually cut the writing speed to about
half and let the software verify the burn. That's easier than finding out
the hard way. I had $40 written on the bubble pack but I think it cost me
around $29. It's dated 2009. It's the last SATA DVD burner I had in stock
so it's time to order some more. I've still got 3 EIDE's left though.

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