Pioneer 109 DVD burner

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Anyone care to speculate on what might be wrong....

I have a new Pioneer 109 DVD writer and Nero software.  I have downloaded
the latest update to Nero and firmware for the drive.  The drive should be
able to burn DVD+R at x16, but the fastest speed which appears as an option
is x12 (the disks are x16)



Re: Pioneer 109 DVD burner


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The speed the DVD media is rated at on the package or the disc is
irrelevant.  The burn speeds offered to you are dependent on the media
code and what the burn strategy tables in the firmware allow the media
to be burned at.  If that table says the max burn speed for that media
code is 12x, that's the fastest you'll be offered by Nero, regardless
of what it says on the discs or the packaging.  Since there's very
little firmware modding going on for Pioneer drives for write strategy
enhancements, your best bet would be to either locate Pioneer's
recommended media list for that drive and buy a 16x media that's
recommended, or lobby Pioneer to include a higher speed strategy for
that particular media if you've got a preference for it.

Since I don't own a Pioneer DVD writer, I've no idea where you might
find a listing of recommended media for the 109.

If you can't find such a list, the Taiyo Yuden 16x media usually works
at full 16x speed for *most* 16x DVD burners (obviously I can't speak
for all of them).  Media codes are (TYG03 for 16x DVD-R) and
(YUDEN000T03 for the 16x DVD+R).



Re: Pioneer 109 DVD burner

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Thanks for that very clear & helpful answer.  After a bit of fishing on the
Pioneer website you are 100% correct, including your disc recommendation.

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