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Re: Phenom II

darklight wrote:
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I think the download has been stopped but I'd sure like to hear more about
the butt kicking.

Re: Phenom II

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I actually just staged a machine with that combo - M4A79, PhenomII
Quad@3GHz. ASUS EAH4870 vid card with 1GB RAM. 4GB system RAM. 4x640G
WD Caviar dual-processor disks. Damn, those things are *quiet*.

I'm coming from a single-core 1.8G with a Soltek board from about 6
years ago. Big jump.

I initially tried it with XP64, and that was fine except for a few
apps that didn't work on a 64-bit system. I decided to be ballsy and
run one of those registry cleanup apps (used several of them before,
no problem); the install promptly fell over and died. Decided to do
Vista64 instead, just for kicks. I'd been bound and determined to
never look at Vista at all, but a friend of mine said I should at
least *try* it.

By my reckoning, everything looks pretty darned okay. I have some
niggles with how Vista uses physical RAM - once in awhile it's as if
the machine's paging to disk and my mouse pointer freezes up for an
instant. Word is, though, that this is just part of Vista sorting out
its memory allocation, and it'll behave better over time. I may feel
compelled to get a copy of Cacheman again though - they'll have a
Vista64-supported version in the next month or so. I may also tweak
Vista's precaching setting

So - what else can I tell you?


Phenom II


I just wanted to let everybody that is interrested in getting one of those
that there is 2 different and incompatible type of CPU, some of them are
AM2+ and the other is AM3, and motherboard that support the AM3 will not
accept AM2+ CPU even if they are Phenom II.

I just found that out today, I received a brand new kit motherboard + CPU
+DDR3 memory, but the CPU was a Phenom II 940, and that could not be
installed on a Gigabyte MA79FXT-UD5P because the motherboard is AM3, so I
have to wait a few more day to upgrade my computer

Thank You in Advance
Merci a l'avance


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