Pentium D Pressler 930 vs Core i3 530 (Dell XPS 600 rebuild)

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According to

Processor            Score        Rank (lower is better)
Intel Core i3 530 @ 2.93GHz    2723        128
Intel Pentium D 3.00GHz         804        489

I'm the one with Dell XPS 600 failed system board problem. I'm
contemplating moding the Dell case to mount a standard ATX board in
there. Either a Pentium D LGA 775 board or a Core i3 board. There is
extra expense with the Core i3 because we'd have to buy the CPU and RAM.
But if the Passmark test it right, the Core i3 way outperforms the
Pentium D while only having a 73W TDP, compared to the Pentium D's 130W
TDP. I realize he cost of making this a Core i3 system may not be
practical if there are already built systems for not much more. It's all
still in the works.

The rest of this post is about R&D on moding the Dell case to fit a
standard ATX motherboard.

I removed the board which was mounted on a removable back plate. I took
a circa 2004 standard full size ATX motherboard and laid it on top of
the back plate, and the mounting holes do not line up. I held the old
ATX board in position inside the case and it is too long vertically for
the I/O to line with the designated opening in the back of the case. A
micro ATX board however might work, as the I/O section and PCI slots
line up with the designated openings in the back of the case, if only
the mounting holes of it lined up with something on the back plate.

And I don't think anything about this Dell is BTX form factor. Here is a

...notice the PCI-E/PCI slots have traded positions with the I/O area of
the board. And the processor socket is turned about 45 degrees. The Dell
XPS 600 board seems closer to ATX all be it with different spacing
between the mounting holes.

I have contemplated removing the back mounting plate from a standard ATX
case and mounting it in the back of the Dell case. Or drilling and
tapping holes in the back of the Dell case to accept the brass stand
offs. Or doing a combination of both.


Re: Pentium D Pressler 930 vs Core i3 530 (Dell XPS 600 rebuild)

E wrote:
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In terms of performance, Core2 or later, stomps on the previous Pentium4.

To give some numbers (SuperPI runs on one core, so can compare cores head to

P4 with 512KB L2 cache (Northwood) running at 3.1GHz, SuperPI 1M time = 45

Core2 E4700 2.6GHz (2MB L2 cache)                     SuperPI 1M time = 21.9

Core2 E8400 3.0GHz (6MB L2 cache)                     SuperPI 1M time = 15.4

The last result is a bit skewed, because the math problem being computed, can
almost fit entirely in cache. (Data footprint is 8MB for the 1M test case, while
the cache is 6MB.)

If we compare SuperPI 32M times (time to computer 32 million digits of the math
constant PI)

Core2 E4700 2.6GHz (2MB L2 cache)                     SuperPI 32M time =
1204.375 sec

Core2 E8400 3.0GHz (6MB L2 cache)                     SuperPI 32M time =
980.828 sec

then the cache difference has a bit less of an effect. The data footprint for
this benchmark run is 256MB, so can't fit into cache in a significant way.

Virtually any Core2 or later processor, is going to be faster than the P4 era
you've got right now. At least on integer they're faster. Perhaps the
ratio isn't as large on floating point. It would still be a significant
No complaints here.

If you want to do your own benchmark research, try this site. They have
something like half a million benchmark results, but the hard part is
the web interface. In a lot of cases, they don't have "stock" results
for a given processor, which makes comparisons more difficult. /


If your specialty is case hacking, then go for it.

If you have better ways to spend your time, find another (ATX) case and use it.
Perhaps the local computer recycler has some cases sitting around. As
long as your existing high power supply has the screw holes in the
standard pattern, you can reuse it. I think the main 24 pin power cable
on that supply, has the standard pinout, so you're probably OK to reuse it.

I was hoping to find something close in theme to your original case.
They have 800 case models for sale on this site, so it takes a while to
look at them all. This is the first one I found, that looked roomy

I wouldn't use all the racks in a case like that. I'd put the
drives up top, leaving room for long video cards in the bottom
section. The case should have plenty of space in that regard.


Re: Pentium D Pressler 930 vs Core i3 530 (Dell XPS 600 rebuild)

Paul wrote:

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if expense is an issue have a look at amd you get more bang for the buck
with amd.

the cpu you mentioned is on this comparison chart.

Re: Pentium D Pressler 930 vs Core i3 530 (Dell XPS 600 rebuild)

On Tue, 11 May 2010 22:16:17 -0400, E frustrated with the OS wrote:

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The I3-530 is worth the expense of cpu and ram, although you could get a
comparable AMD cpu for about 40% less.  

Also, I question moding the Dell to fit the motherboard when you can get a
case for $30USD and just use the Dell's psu.

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