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Any idea PCIE or AGP is better on a P4 HT processor?


gataway wrote:
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AGP 8X is 2133MB/sec on the video card slot interface.
PCI Express x16 is 4000MB/sec and is bidirectional.

But the core clock on the GPU, the memory width and
clock rate, influence the video card performance a
lot more, than the difference between the astronomically
high transfer rates in the video card slot.

While they are still making AGP cards, the companies
making them are careful not to put the fastest chips
on them. There are still some useful AGP cards you
can buy, if you already own an AGP motherboard. But
if you are buying a brand new system, there is not a
lot of good reasons to go with AGP any more. You can
get a $50 PCI Express video card if you need it,
just like you can find a $50 AGP card. And if
you are a gamer, the very best (high end) cards
for gaming, will be the PCI Express ones.

http://www.techpowerup.com/gpudb /



Your question does not make a lot of sense.  The CPU does NOT determine
which form factor of video card you use.  The motherboard does.  PCI-E is
the faster of the two, BUT only the latest motherboards have a slot for it.


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On Tue, 19 Dec 2006 22:24:51 +0800, "gataway"

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This variable in itself doesn't matter.  Given the same
video card family (GPU and memory speed/bus/etc) the
performance of the video will be similar enough.  What the
PCI Express gives you is lower cost and more forward
compatibility and choices for modern video cards, and more
throughput on the PCI Express bus for other future cards
(but at present, a more limited selection in what cards are
available for purchase to populate the slots).

In genera a newer motherboard platform is more desirable if
you had no particular reason to choose one or the other, but
P4 isn't a newer generation CPU so we don't know your
priorities.  So the generic answer is PCI Express is better,
but other things matter more than this choice, particularly
if using an old CPU (and other parts?) to build a cheap
rather than most modern system.

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