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What is the difference between a PCI 2.0x16 and a PCIx16? Will a PCI x 16
work in a PCI 2.0 x16 slot? Thanks


Re: PCI Video card

Rudy wrote:
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The PCI Express standards are backward compatible. A PCI Express version 1.0
should be able to work in a version 2.0 motherboard, for example. They're
supposed to negotiate, in the same way that SATA 150 and SATA 300 components
play nice together.

PCI Express version 1.0 lanes operate at 250MB/sec each. A PCI Express x16
version 1.0 has a bandwidth of 4000MB/sec in one direction.

PCI Express version 2.0 lanes operate at 500MB/sec each. A PCI Express x16
version 2.0 has a bandwidth of 8000MB/sec in one direction.

(For comparison, AGP 8X is ~2133MB/sec.)

When a version 2.0 card is plugged into a version 1.0 motherboard, then
the best they can do, is operate at 250MB/sec per lane. So the slower
of the two components, is what determines the operating speed. And the
difference is not normally visible (otherwise it would be a more important
issue to people, and this never seems to get discussed).

The only card I've heard of, that had a problem, was the 8800GT. There
were problems with PCI Express negotiation with those. The workaround
at the time, was to flash a different video BIOS into the card.
For the cards released after that incident, I haven't read of any
complaints on that topic from users.


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