pci modem cannot connect

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Working on an old Gateway (PIII-400) for a friend. Her modem stopped
working. I've tried replacing it with 4-5 other modems with and without
using Hardware Wizard. I've tried multiple sets of drivers for each
modem. I've tried different operating systems (98SE and W2K). I've
tried different PCI slots. Same results - "query modem" seems to
indicate a good installation but cannot connect using hyperterminal or
phone dialer. Can this be a port thing? IRQ thing? BIOS update?

Re: pci modem cannot connect

On 17 Aug 2005 09:09:22 -0700, "buckyno2"

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What are you trying to connect "TO"?
In other words, is it possible you've been trying the same
ISP all along and they are having technical difficulties?

When uninstaling one modem, do you also uninstall it's
driver from add/remove programs (do, do that)?

You might try picking up a phone handset and listening in on
the conversation these two (or only one) modems are having.
LIsten for the dialtone ahead of time, the modem pickup, the
tones, and anything after.   If the phone line is suspect
you might want to take the system off-site to a known good
phone line... but while it's there, try another phone cord
and jack if possible.

Re: pci modem cannot connect

There is a serial port on the modem card. It could have a conflict with other
ports. Go into the system BIOS and disable other serial ports.

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