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I recently bought a Pentium 4 system (used), brought it home and
discovered that it doesn't have an AGP slot.

I'm stuck with it, at least until I get next years tax refund. So,
until then, what's the best PCI graphics card that I can get? Maya
won't work with the onnboard Intel graphics chip set, and I need
something that will support Maya 7.

Re: PCI graphics card

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An FX5200 is "almost DX9" hardware accelerated. It is missing
a couple of items for full DX9 hardware support (I knew this
before I bought a couple of them). I also see an FX5500 there,
which is probably at the same level.


You can get some info on feature set here:

http://www.techpowerup.com/gpudb /

I noticed this one mentioned recently, and it is a few bucks
more than the FX series ($119). But perhaps a more up to date
feature set (later programmable shader support).


You'll have to check the Maya web site, wherever that is, to
see exactly how sensitive they are to the level of hardware
support, because I don't have a clue how important that would


Re: PCI graphics card

ALL PCI type video cards are by their very design slow.  You are in
something of a pickle.  The PCI bus is the limiting factor.


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