PCI Express 2?

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What's the deal with PCI Express 2.0?

I've currently got a 3.4ghz Prescott with an Nvidia 6800GT AGP. I use my PC
primarily for gaming and it's just starting to struggle on newer games. I've
been holding off upgrading until Vista, Core 2 Duo, Direct X 10 cards landed
and matured and we're almost there....
I'll then replace MB, CPU, Mem and Graphics card. Money won't be an issue
when upgrading my machine, but I want it to be solid for at least 2 years
after that.

Core 2 Duo and Nvidia 8 series are clear winners at present but after
reading about Penryn and Nehalem and AMD's new chipsets, I hear PCI-Express
2.0 is on the way? Is it a significant upgrade worth the wait or not. Don't
want to shell out a load of cash if it's cuts my graphics card upgrade

I realise you could wait forever and have to jump on the bandwagon at some
point, any want to give me a little push?  :)

Re: PCI Express 2?


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No, there aren't even sufficient PCI Express (non-video)
cards on the market yet, if the money is no object your best
bet is to upgrade more frequently instead of waiting on
next-great-tech while you continue to have the system
sluggish at your current tasks (games).

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