PC3200 memory upgrade - memory fault?

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Hello people,

Wonder if anyone can help.

I have a PC system with a Asus A78NX Deluxe m/board. Has 1 gig memory
( 2 x 512mb PC2700 DDR333) and an Athlon XP2700 processor.

All has been working fine but recently bought some new memory for it.
The memory is 2 sticks of 1 gig PC3200 DDR400. Removed the original
memory and installed this new one but upon boot up just get 'Memory
failed' voice message and black screen. I've tried a stick on it's own
and exactly the same thing.

Any ideas if I might be doing something wrong as both sticks being
faulty seems somewhat rare.

I don't know if this helps but when I do put my old memory back, after
removing the new stuff, it boots up but gives me 'System failed due to
CPU overclocking' and i have to go into bios setup - just F10 to save
changed and exit and all is fine again.

Thanks for reading.

Re: PC3200 memory upgrade - memory fault?

On Tue, 13 Nov 2007 06:45:39 -0800, daddyfreddy@gmail.com

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After installing one new module and while AC power is still
disconnected, try clearing CMOS or removing battery for 10
minutes, THEN plug AC power back in and try to start the

If it still doesn't work, consider the modules either
incompatible or defective.  The "failed due to overclocking"
message is probably just a generic /assumption/ by the bios
since it kept track of the fact that it didn't POST on the
prior attempt and reloaded default settings for the next

If the memory is simply instable running at 200MHz/DDR400
speed, you could also try entering the bios and manually
underclocking to 100MHz FSB just to see if the system will
then post, but it doesn't necessarily help you to know this
if the memory is unworkable at the spec'd speed as you
wouldn't want to underclock the memory bus to use it instead
of just returning to the seller for a different brand or

Re: PC3200 memory upgrade - memory fault?

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Okay, thanks, kony. Will try that.

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