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It would be really, really nice to have a light source inside
my PC box.  Does someone sell a good one?

This is for working inside the box not for show.  Must be
independent of the box's power - it will be unplugged.


Re: PC "Worklight"

Gary Brown wrote:
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plenty of places sell rechargeable torches that will come on when
unplugged. But the idea is fundamentally a poor one for most apps, as a
single portable inspection light is usually much more practical than
one built in to each pc.

If you really do need a built in one for some odd app, one of those
rechargeable torches hooked to the psu's mains connections should do
it. Its not like you'll use it much so it should last years. If you
want something with better pedigree go for a fire exit emergency light,
non maintained.


Re: PC "Worklight"

meow2222@care2.com wrote:
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I use one of those rubber coated small flashlights.  They usually have a
metal ring on one end, so remove that.  Lay it anywhere inside the box
to provide light and no chance of shorting.

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