PC won't boot...memory install problem?

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OK, I've got a machine that won't boot.  A friend tried to "help" by
installing some memory sims.  However, he installed them backwards
(physically reversed, yes, I know that the slot is cut to only accept
them one way, he felt that they just needed "a little push" and forced
them in....) and now the pc won't boot.  When you turn it on, lights
come on and the fans make noise, but nothing shows up on the screen.

I've checked all the obvious stuff (monitor plugged in, nothing making
smoke/fire..) and can't figure it out.  Don't know a lot about
hardware, so....

I can't really tell if the hard drive is spinning or not.  It doesn't
really sound like it.

Someone suggested that the motherboard needs to be replaced.  Someone
else suggested the memory needs to be replaced.  Any ideas what this
could be given the scenario in which the "damage" happened?

Re: PC won't boot...memory install problem?

bryanboling@gmail.com wrote:
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 I would say to start with ram that you know is good or test the ones you
have elsewhere. Try one at a time in different slots before anything else.
You may have a cracked mobo that might be repaired if removed and snapped
back into place. If I had the board out I would replace it anyway or upgrade


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