PC won't boot - dead mobo? PSU?

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So I was out this morning, hunting those after-Thankgiving deals...

I bought a DVD Burner and tried installing it, but somewhere down the
line, things went horribly wrong.

When I had finished installing it, I tried to power on with no sucess;
no fans, no led's. nothing.

My first instinct was that the power supply had gone. I removed power
from all drives and tried again, to no avail. I took out all PCI (and
AGP) cards still to no avail. Right now, I have the bare mobo, no RAM,
(but with CPU), hooked up to the PSU, and still nothing. Yet, when I
connect the green and black wires from the PSU connector, the PSU fan
comes to life. Is that the only determinant of a good vs. bad power
supply? Could it still be a problem with the power supply?

I already tried removing the mobo battery for a while. Also, I hooked
up only the PSU and mobo, and tried just shorting the case power-on
jumper, still with no success.

Is there anything else I can try? Is my motherboard fried? Could it be
anything else?

Unfortunately, I don't have any spare parts to troubleshoot with. I
don't have the resources to go out and buy a power supply or mobo and
then have it turn out it was the other one. (the selection is pretty
bad around here.)

Re: PC won't boot - dead mobo? PSU?

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Did you remember to unplug the power cord from the wall (or turn off the
switch at the BACK of the computer) before you started working inside?

Installing a DVD burner should not do anything that would kill your
computer. Just plug in a power plug and plug in an IDE cable. Was there
anything else you did while in there?

You should get a boot if you have memory, CPU + Cooler installed and plugged
into the power supply. Shorting the PowerOn jumper quickly should start the
PC. If you get nothing then you are looking at a failed mainboard or power
supply. (You did remember to put the power plug back into the wall, eh?)

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Almost definately the mainboard. Really difficult to see how installing a
DVD burner would do this though.

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Shorting the green & black wires should be the same as shorting the PowerOn
pins *IF* the mainboard is working normally.

Re: PC won't boot - dead mobo? PSU?

After getting a hold of another PC, I reduced the problem to the mobo
instead of the PSU for sure. After a few more hours of frustration, I
found the solution: somehow, the CMOS memory jumper had fallen off. I
put it back on to the "hold" position and voila! it works now!

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