PC will not start

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Hi there,

Had a power cut today and now my pc wont power up, I can see there is power
to the USB sockets because the bluetooth usb dongle and a usb powered
wireless network reciever is getting power, the motherboard internal light
is on but no fans, cdroms or HDs are starting when the power button is
pressed, board is an Asus A7N8X Deluxe, would it be a safe bet that the
power supply is stuffed?

Thanks in advance.


Re: PC will not start

David Barnsley, 9/12/2005,

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First thing I would do is eliminate the front switch.  Find where it
hooks up to motherboard header and short out those two pins.  If still
no good then disconnect all drives and cards and try again.  Finally
try power supply in another PC if possible.

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Re: PC will not start

  Until you take numbers, then you have little clue as to what
may or may be wrong.  Taking critical numbers with a 3.5 digit
multimeter should require less than 2 minutes.  The power
supply 'system' is more than just a power supply.  In your
case, the first voltages to be recorded are the gray, green,
and purple wires both before and during power switch press.
Details on how to take these numbers, what each wire should
be, and other background information was posted previously in:
"Computer doesnt start at all" in   alt.comp.hardware on 10
Jan 2004   at
   http://tinyurl.com/2t69q and
"I think my power supply is dead"  in alt.comp.hardware  on 5
Feb 2004 at

  Meanwhile, the power supply 'system' has a safety lockout.
If lockout is triggered, then completely remove power cord
from wall receptacle to reset.

David Barnsley wrote:
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Re: PC will not start

On Mon, 12 Sep 2005 22:46:18 GMT, "David Barnsley"

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If you haven't yet, first unplug the system from the wall
outlet for about 5 minutes then retry it.

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