Pc restarts windows and linux sometimes no os

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  Ok here goes:
 Award Modules Bios v6.00PG

3 different cases, 4 differtent power suppies, 8 different ram
chips(both 100 and 133 SDRAM (lots of combos), 3 different Video card(1
agp and 2 pci)s, Windows XP, Redhat 9,Slackware 10-2,3 different
hds(all 40 gigs
w/o jumper for 32 gigs) all used but all appear to work with other pcs
that I have.

 Pc will restart(not reboot) as if I hit a reset button times vary like
in safe mode(WinXp) if I try to open very much, in WinXp reg if I open
anything just about and that is if it makes it that far most times
restarts before I get that far in Linux restarts before I can get
Xwindows loaded up. In Linux( I installed it with no restarts but used
all min stuff . I can log into Linux (No Xwindow) or command
prompt(Win) with no restarts. Some times gets into a loop where it
restarts after tring to update cmos. I can stop the loop by going into
cmos setup and tell it to upate in PNP section.

  I was told by the person I got the MB from that was either a bad
battery, bad bios or a virus in which it came from me. Last option
seems hard to swallow since I never got the MB up long enough to even
get on the net and my other 3 pcs on my network are working fine.

  I have Slacware installed now with 1 133 Sdram chip 256k and if it is
not into the loop restart I can load slackware as long as I do not load
Xwindows. Also after any of this the date or time does not change.
Cuase last few times I looked. I am not sure if it loses time but sure
it does not after restarts.

    Thanks in advance

Re: Pc restarts windows and linux sometimes no os

what cpu are you using and what is the make and model of you

Re: Pc restarts windows and linux sometimes no os

CPU is Intel pIII @900 mhz as far as the MB not sure that is why I put
the Bios stuff at the beginning but think it is VIA.

Re: Pc restarts windows and linux sometimes no os

That is a DFI motherboard , look on the atx connector for the model
and revision
and as an additional note that VIA chipset has a known problem with
There is a fix for it on the Via website
Data Flowers = DFI
VIA = <http://www.viaarena.com/default.aspx?PageID=2
hope this helps

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