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Does anyone know any hardware, for example PCI-cards, which can monitor PC,
Windows and applications and reboot computer even if system has totally


Jukka M.

Re: PC monitoring hardware

On Sun, 4 Dec 2005 21:52:31 +0200, "Jukka M."

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It's called an ICE (in circuit emulator). You remove the CPU chip and
put a socket with wires coming out and then put the CPU on the top
socket. The wires go to another PC or embedded system. You now have
complete control over the CPU.


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Re: PC monitoring hardware

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How about a "watchdog timer", like this product ?


A program must be running on the computer, to clear
the timer, before the time interval is reached. If for
any reason, the program stops executing, the timer expires,
and causes a reset pulse to go to the two wire cable that
plugs into the motherboard RESET pin pair.


Re: PC monitoring hardware

  Watchdog timer is more than just a hardware device.  You
must decide what 'tasks' are and are not monitored.  Then the
software in that task must be carefully written so that task
failure will cause no more 'heartbeats'.  If only monitoring
the OS, again, the heartbeat software must be part of the OS

  Of course the reason for pre-emptive OSes is so that the
list of reasons that can cause a crash are minimal.  Tasks
should never crash the OS.  Your question is woefully devoid
of details necessary to provide a useful answer.

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