PC loops endless in power-off - power-on

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I have a quite strange and annyoing problem:

When I try to boot up my pc, either cold or from standby, half of the
times the pc won't even reach the state of showing the bios lines
('Bla MB of RAM...'), but would turn itself and turn itself on again.
And then this nice circle continues, until I use the main switch on
the backside of the pc to turn it completely off, wait a few seconds
and turn it on again.

First I thought it was a problem with the power supply, being to small
for my pc. So I switched from an 400W Enermax power supply to a 500W
one from Enermax. But the problem still continues to show up!

I guess it must be completely hardware related (or BIOS?), as it is
happening before any interaction with operating systems.

My configuration is:

Intel Core2 Duo 6400
4gb ram
gigabyte GA-965P-DS3P
samsung 500gb hd
asus nvidia 8800gts

Thanks in advance for you help,

Re: PC loops endless in power-off - power-on

Maximilian Michel wrote:
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Push-pins on the heatsink fully seated ?
Thermal interface material (pad or paste) making good contact ?
When running, is CPU temp reasonable ?

Depending on revision of board (there are a few), is the BIOS version
correct to run that processor ?



Re: PC loops endless in power-off - power-on

On Thu, 24 Jan 2008 02:40:14 -0800 (PST), Maximilian Michel

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What have you changed since the system last worked ok?
If/when you turn the PSU off, does it always work the next
time you try to turn it on, or at least it's a lot more
likely to work the next time?  If so, I would wonder if you
have excessive peripherals using 5VSB power, or both of
these PSU (are likely to have) equally insufficient 5VSB
current capability.  You might try unplugging all
peripherals (with system off at the time) except manditory
ones like keyboard and mouse, and if those motherboard ports
are jumpered to 5VSB, move the jumper to 5V instead.

It's hard to speculate about what else you might've changed
or if it had ever worked in this config.  You might remove
all but one memory module and retry it.  Clearing CMOS might
help or checking on a new bios for the board - but be sure
system is stable before trying to flash a bios, I would at
least run memtest86+ for several hours to check for memory
errors.  Also check the bios and windows hardware monitor
reports of voltage, temps, and visually check heatsink

You don't mention which Enermax PSU but some 400 and 500W
may not have enough 12V current for this setup, especially
with that video card installed so if you happened to have a
spare video card, even an old PCI card, you might see if
removing the 8800GTS and temporarily installing a lesser
card has any effect.

Re: PC loops endless in power-off - power-on

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  The 400 watt supply was (should be) large enough.  Kony has provided
a list of the suspects.  You can try all those things.  OR you can
take two minutes to collect relevant numbers so that Kony's list of
suspects is definitively isolated down to the problem.  Take those
numbers to either see the problem immediately OR to have numbers so
that others with better knowledge can inform (and teach) what the
problem really is.

  The two minute procedure is "When your computer dies without
warning....."  starting 6 Feb 2007 in the newsgroup  alt.windows-xp
Connector chart for where each color wire should be located:

  Currently you don't even know if the first power supply is
defective; if the second supply is also defective.  And still the
problem could exist in the power supply 'system' (other components)
while you are assuming it is not the power 'system'.  But again, that
is why we take numbers - to either see the problem before replacing
anything OR to have posts that the better informed will reply to.
Your help will only be as useful as what you post.

  And don't forget to post back those results.  This is a two way
street.  We all profit by what is learned.

Re: PC loops endless in power-off - power-on

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i have the same problem
in linux ubuntu 7.10 first of boot there is a program to check memory
i use that program for some second (10-15s ceck 2% of memory) then
exit and reeboot; and all goes well

i think it is because possibly there are temperature interval for
make the system run and the min result not enought

Re: PC loops endless in power-off - power-on

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wrong in my case there is the termometer of cpu that is break

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