PC keeps re-setting during start up

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I was hoping some-one may be able to point me in the right direction
about this...

When I start my PC sometimes the screen goes blank (black) - the
monitor says it is recieving no signal. It does this during start up at
different points - sometimes the monitor never comes on at all,
sometimes it never happens and I can load windows.

Yesterday it took 2-3 attamps to load before it got all the way to
windows, today it took 20+ attempts. Now I do not want to turn my PC
off for the fear it will never start again.

When the screen goes blank I can hear a clicking, I think it's the
reset relay, sometimes during start up you can see that it has re-set
itself so i think this is the problem.

Once windows is running it's fine (so far) - I dont know why it only
does it during start up.

The reset switch on the case works fine.

I tries changing the graphics card - that made no difference.

Any ideas?

Re: PC keeps re-setting during start up

I was fixing to ask you if you have moved your computer recently or gone
inside it, but I see you say you changed video cards. The first thing you
need to do is narrow down your clicking noise. Find out if it is coming from
the Hard Drive (HDD). If it is, be getting ready to get a new HDD.

Now as far as your other problem is concerned, it sounds like you do not
have the video card in properly. Take it back out and reinsert it. For that
matter, make sure all your other pci devices are firmly in their seats. I
have a usb card that slips out of its slot a little bit and that cause me
boot problems sometimes. I knew from reviews of the product that it had that
problem, but that is another story that will not really matter to you.

Just make sure you have your pci slots firmly in place.

You did not dabble with the ram modules did you? Have you changed anything
else besides the video card recently?

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Re: PC keeps re-setting during start up

Oh I forgot. What is the wattage on your PSU and what video card did you
get? This is very important information you need to give us.

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