PC hangt bij spelen Far Cry

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Hey NG,

Elke keer als ik het spel Far Cry speel, "hangt" na een aantal minuten het
Door Ctrl-Alt-Del in te drukken kom ik terug in Windows. Daar zie ik dat het
spel een venster heeft gemaakt met daarin de volgende gegevens:
Logged at Sunday, February 12, 2006 00:53:49

Exception Code: 0xC0000005
Exception Addr: 0x001B:0x3550906C
Exception Module: <Unknown>
Exception Description: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION, Attempt to read from
address 0x8082AD34

The memory could not be "read"

Call Stack Trace:
16) function=0x3550906C
15) function=0x3304BF5E
14) function=0x35515512
13) function=0x3550D2F6
12) function=0x35515512
11) function=0x3550D2F6
10) function=0x35515512
 9) function=0x3550D2F6
 8) function=0x3550D348
 7) function=0x3550D395
 6) function=0x35504D44
 5) function=0x330BA41B
 4) function=0x37001AA8
 3) function=0x37004093
 2) function=0x7C816D4F
 1) function=0x0
Wie kan me uitleggen wat hiermee bedoeld wordt? Is het tijd om geheugen te


Re: PC hangt bij spelen Far Cry


Quoted text here. Click to load it

I know this talking about crashes in FAR CRY. Could be anything from
bad memory other hardware to graphics drivers to the game itself.

One thing I think I traced my crashes in FAR CRY to dust in my card. I
took out my 800XL and noticed it was fairly hot. It worked fine before
but seemed to be crashing a lot recently my PC when playing games.  I
had to take it out to install my 7800 and noticed tons of dust clogged
in the tight little area between the heatsink and cover they have on
all these graphics cards now. Theres like a qtr inch with the top on
and the heatsink fins create small little slits in in there. That was
completely clogged with dust. I blew out the dust that accumulated and
it ran fine after that.

Besides the obvious --- FAR CRY updates theres 1.3 I think which is
the latest, check you graphics drivers updates.

Also check your graphics card temperatures if you can with programs
like RIVATUNER etc and check your PC temperatures. Also check for bad
memory with memtest86 a free download.

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