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I have problem with my PC.

I have a PIII 850MHz processor and recently I have got a problem of PC
hanging when I right click my mouse for options and even sometimes just
like that.

I just cant find whats going on in My PC. I tried reinstalling WinXP OS
several times and reinstalling all the hardwares but I am having the
problem still.

Can the gurus please help me in this as it is really  putting my system
down from my workings.

Re: PC hanging


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It sounds like a context menu problem, something that was
installed has put a shell extension, context menu entry in
that is buggy or unsupported in some way.  Less common it
could be windows corruption but since you reinstalled WinXP
it would seem that isn't likely.  I am presuming you only
reinstalled it overtop of itself, not a format and clean
install, OR that after you installed it, you had then gone
on to install other software?

Am I persuming wrong, did you do a clean install of WinXP,
then this problem is already present before you even install
any drivers?  If you didn't check that early after the
install, try checking it then and then recheck after each
and every new thing installed.

You can also see the shell extensions installed with the
following utility and try disabling some of them to see if
it helps.


What is the history of the system?  Did it work previously,
when, for how long, and what has changed since then?

Re: PC hanging

Hi and thanks for the reply.

Actually I have performed clean install of Windows XP only all the time
I have installed.
I mean I format the disk drive which contained the previous XP and then
installed the new Windows XP.
And the last time since this was very hectic and unavoidable I had a
backup of all my important files and performed a full format of my Hard
disk and then reinstalled WinXP. For long time (i.e for 2 hours or so)
I didnt have the previous problem but later it started again.
I wonder whether my processor is able to pop up with Windows XP version
of OS.
But previously before some months I didnt have this kind of problem.

My system history is as:
PIII 850Mhz

I have one more doubt that whether if my hard disk is nearly full (say
30GB FULL FOR 40GB HDD) will it cause any problem of this sort??

kony wrote:
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Re: PC hanging


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If you have ran out of HDD space and with 128MB memory, it
will be a problem to have WinXP trying to increase the
pagefile to substitute for real memory.  I cannot say if
this is the problem but if you look at Task Manager you
should see how much memory is used at any time.

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