PC doesn't boot

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Hi all,
my PC doesn't boot any more, what can be the reason?

There is a little light on my motherboard (ASUS P4P800 SE) which is
green and still working, so I suppose the power supply unit (don't
know the english word, sorry) works.

When I push the power Button, nothing happens. After turning off and
on the power supply unit at the back side of my PC, when pushing the
power button, the fan of the case and the fan of the processor spin
for a fraction of a second and then remain still.

I'm thankfull for any tip on which component is defect or on how to
find out.

Thanks, Langi

Re: PC doesn't boot

Hi Matthias;

Sounds like a short circuit on a power/data cable, take all the leads out
power/data leave the monitor and KB mouse in, and only replace the power
ones to the motherboard, give them a check over first check for bent pins
that may not be connecting, then try booting the system again, if you still
have trouble check the motherboard is mounted correctly and not touching the
case or anywhere except the fixing points..

If you are succesful shutdown and replace the other power leads not data
yet, and see if thats works ok.. If so shutdown the system and replace data

Let us know how it works out

Good Luck



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Re: PC doesn't boot

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Are you using a modem to connect to the internet? If so try pulling it and
see if the system boots.

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Re: PC doesn't boot

Try removing the power cord and reinstalling.  Mine did that the other night
and I was about ready to start removing stuff and just tried it.  After I
reinserted the power cord, it booted normally.


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Re: PC doesn't boot

Either your PSU unit or your motherboard has failed.  The easiest way to
determine which failed is to install a known working PSU of adequate power
output and see if that fixes it.  That's much simpler than changing the
motherboard first.  I'm betting that the PSU has failed, and NO, just
because the green light is on that does NOT mean the PSU has full power
output to drive your system.

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