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Hey there, had a problem that's got me stuck, thought I'd shoot it
and see if anyone could help.

My girlfriend has a homebuilt PC, which she keeps in the 'comp cubby'
that came with her desk, i.e. a small area under the desk where your
tower is supposed to go.  Unfortunately, this cubby gets absolutely
zero airflow, so despite the fans (one on power supply, one for case
itself and the fan on the heatsink), the computer is overheating and
often shutting off erratically.

Yes, I realize the simple solution is to store the tower elsewhere,
but she doesn't want to do that (girlfriend logic is perplexing).
I've been charged with solving this problem.

Simply:  Is there any way to cool a comp that's in a tight spot, and
receives little airflow?

I did a quick search over at Newegg.com, and saw 'water cooling' and
'hard drive heatsinks', but I'm quickly moving out of my knowledge
zone, and don't want to waste money on something I don't need.  If
can help at all, I'd appreciate it.  Cheers!


Re: PC Cooling Issue

DanoWeir@gmail.com wrote:

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Simply cut a hole for a small exhaust fan in rear of the "comp cubby."

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Re: PC Cooling Issue

On Mon, 23 Jun 2008 21:18:27 -0700, UCLAN

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Indeed.  A handy way to power such a fan would be to use a
leftover AC-DC power adapter, generally the best result
would be to undervolt the fan so one rated for about 5V to
7V DC and at least a couple hundred mA might be right
depending on the fan chosen.

Re: PC Cooling Issue

kony wrote:

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I had a stereo cabinet with a 230vac fan running at 115vac. Same principle.

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