pass through power cable for laptop?

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Hi all,
I'm looking for a short pass through cable for my HP laptop so that when I
trip over the cable the power cable easily disconnects from the pass through
rather than have the laptop fall off the table smashing into the floor and
..   tripping me up ... and perhaps breaking my wrists while a try to break
my fall. Also I want the cable to 'break' instead of the jack which can be a
difficult fix.

Tripping over laptop cables is so common I'm surprised that manufacturer do
not provide a pass through cable as standard equipment if only to avoid
getting sued.

Re: pass through power cable for laptop?

On Wed, 17 Mar 2010 12:38:54 -0000, "123Jim"

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Sued?  You can't be serious.

How about a big velvet rope that cordons off the area you're
allowed to walk though?

All kidding aside, use an extension cord and put a rug over
the cable on the floor so your feet don't snag it.

Re: pass through power cable for laptop?

123Jim wrote:
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You can solve the laptop problem by wrapping the cord around a table leg
and tying a not in it.  Can't break the laptop.

You can solve the tripping problem by routing the wire somewhere you
don't walk...or paying attention to where you walk.

Re: pass through power cable for laptop?

On Wed, 17 Mar 2010 20:05:13 -0000, "123Jim"

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How about severing the AC-DC adapter's lead to the laptop
(after the brick portion when it's already converted to low
DC voltage) and soldering on a standard DC barrel socket
rated for enough current (4A for this one), to the laptop
end of the wire

... and to the other wire end going to the PSU brick, place
the mating DC barrel plug, (also checked to ensure it's
rated for enough current, 5A for this one):

It won't come apart quite as easily as some of Apple's do,
but it may come part easier than either of the ends
currently do and some of Apples have wire and contact
retraction issues making them problematic.  

However, I still like the idea of just using an extension
cord and putting a rug over the cord where you walk through
the area.

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