partitions on harddrives

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How can one get rid of partitons on harddrives?

Re: partitions on harddrives

Carl Pedersen wrote:
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For dos/win3xx/win95/98xx with fdisk.exe
found on the installation disks.
For xp with the CONTROLPANEL --> administrative tools -->
computermanagment --> disk management.
There you see all physical disks and their partitions.
you can remove/make partitions, re-assign drive letters,
and format partitions.
You can also thoroughly destroy the operating system :)
Under vista and nt similar methods should be available.

Re: partitions on harddrives

Sjouke Burry wrote:
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If Windows won't let you remove a partition, try it with a Linux boot CD.

                   Mike Walsh

Re: partitions on harddrives

Mike Walsh wrote:
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When Windows refused to install, I used Linux "dd" to erase the
beginning part of the disk, starting at sector zero. No matter
what environment you use "dd" in, be very careful you have the
right disk name. When I ran this from Knoppix (why sudo is needed),
only the disk to be erased was physically connected.

sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda bs=512 count=10000

"dd" is also available for Windows. There is a port. But if
using this, since you'd be booting from one Windows disk, and
seeking to erase another Windows disk, you'd want to be
doubly careful with the syntax and selection of the target disk.

DBAN also works to erase disks, but is set up to erase all hard
drives connected to the computer at the time. In the DBAN forums,
I've read a couple posts from people who managed to erase drives
that were not intended for erasure. For my purposes, "dd" is a lot
faster, since I only wanted to wipe a small part of the disk near
sector zero. (The selection of 10000 sectors was arbitrary - I
wanted to erase enough sectors to be sure there were no issues.)


Re: partitions on harddrives

program "Partition Magic" works pretty well for all kind of needs of
partitioning & formatting etc. hard drives and removing/deleting them
too. ;)

Re: partitions on harddrives

On Mon, 24 Aug 2009 00:16:33 -0500, martinb69

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As long as you are aware that there is a 196 GB limit (at least
in some versions of the program) :-)

Kind regards,
Gerard Bok

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