p5rd1-v AAFP connector

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I'm trying to put an Asus P5RD1-V Deluxe into an AeroCool Masstige case.
All is good except I'm confused on the front access ports.
Maybe someone can help me map the pins.

On the 1394 port, I get these pins from case:

Motherboard shows loc for the TPAs and TPBs, 3 GND, 2 VP.

So I'm guessing VG is a ground or is it the other VP and I don't need the
other 2 grounds?

My other problem is the AAFP audio connector.

Motherboard shows port1L, port1R, port2L, port2R, Sense_Send, Sense1_Return,
Sense2_return, Presence# and Gnd.

Case provides Ear L, Ear R, Ear L, Ear R, GND, Mic VCC, Mic Data.


Re: p5rd1-v AAFP connector


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Strictly speaking, the way computer makers implement Firewire is
not correct. But such is life. Anyway, connect VG and GND, to
two of the three available GND pins on the Asus header.

For your AAFP header, the labels on the header are for
HDAUDIO. Your computer case wiring is AC97, and isn't quite "Intel
Compatible", but it will still work just fine.

In the BIOS, set "AC97 & Azalia Link" to [Disabled]. That
changes the pin definitions of the AAFP header over to
AC97 mode.

Wire "Mic Data" to pin MIC2
Wire "Mic VCC" to pin MICPWR
Wire "GND" to pin AGND
Wire "Ear R" to pin Line_out_R
Wire "Ear L" to pin Line_out_L

You will have a leftover "Ear L" and "Ear R" and they can be
left floating. In regular AC97, they are needed for continuity,
to get the rear Lineout jack to work. I think in the case of
HDAUDIO hardware, there is a separate driver output on the
chip, for headphones and for Lineout on the back of the
computer, and that is why there is no need for continuity wires.

Now, as for muting of the speaker output on the back of the
computer, when you plug in headphones into the front of the
computer - that is now all up to the software. If the
software can sense that a headphone has been plugged into the
front of the computer, it could mute the rear speaker output.
The easiest way to do this, would be to use the sense wires
present in the HDAUDIO definition of the AAFP header, but I've
never heard of a computer case having the new wiring, and
that means an audio chip would need optional impedance detection
to be able to tell that headphones are plugged in.

So if the speakers plugged into the green connector on the
back of the computer don't mute when you plug headphones
into the front of the computer, don't be surprised. Since
many users like it that way, perhaps it isn't all bad.
If it bothers you, you'll have to switch off the
speakers via the mixer panel.


Re: p5rd1-v AAFP connector

Perfect. Thanks a bunch.

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