P4 with 8S661FX Motherboard

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Hello Everyone!
I have bought an IBM Think Centre. The motherboard has the following
It is eqipped with an Celeron D 331 Processor (socket 775) which
doesn't fit my requirements (next time I should know before). Could
someone please give me advice which processor would suit to this
motherboard? My favorite is the Pentium 4 630.
Many thanks in advance

Re: P4 with 8S661FX Motherboard

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In that listing, the three computer models use CeleronD 331 2.66GHz,
P4 531 3GHz and P4 541 3.2GHz. So perhaps a 531 or 541 will work, if
there is enough electrical power for it.

(The Intel Processor Numbering page)
(Model info for P4, a bit easier to read in a scalable window)

Celeron D Model 331 (TDP 84 watts)

P4 531 (TDP 84 watts)


P4 541 (TDP 84 watts)


Pretty clever of those IBM guys. All those processors have the
same TDP. Perhaps the fan will run a bit faster and louder with
the higher speed processor.

Replacing the processor will likely void the warranty. You will
probably ruin the thermal pad installed by IBM, and if they find
paste on the CPU and heatsink, they'll know you modified it.

Here is the returns policy page for your product...

Returns policy

For any new Lenovo products, you may return it to Lenovo for any reason
within 30 days of the date of invoice and obtain a refund or credit.
Lenovo does not provide refunds or credits for portions of a packaged
offering provided at a single price. You may return the complete package
for a refund or credit.

To qualify for this credit or refund (as applicable), you must call
Lenovo at 1-866-42-THINK (option 2) to obtain a return-authorization
form. You must return the new Lenovo products, including all
documentation and accessories, intact and in its original packaging,
to a Lenovo designated location by the date Lenovo specifies.

A copy of the invoice, the return-authorization form, and the shipping
label must accompany the return. Shipping and handling charges generally
will not be refunded or credited. Lenovo products returned without a
Lenovo return-authorization form or returned after the date specified
by Lenovo , may be subject to a restocking fee equal to 15% of the
price paid. You agree to pay the restocking fee as Lenovo specifies.

To review the return policies within each Agreement prior to placing
your order, visit lenovo.com/products/us/contracts or call Lenovo
customer service at 1-866-96-THINK (1-866-968-4465). A Lenovo.com
customer service representative will be happy to assist you with
questions regarding our return policy or any other questions you
may have.


Re: P4 with 8S661FX Motherboard

Thanks for the answer,

The three Think Centres on the IBM-Link seem to have another
motherboard than mine. I have an AGP Slot and this three have a
PCI-Express Slots. I found a similar motherboard from Gigabyte but with
other suffix/prefix in the ID. From Gigabyte technical support I didn't
get positive response. They just say they don't know the number ...
My Think Centre is an E50 (type 9215-71G)

Re: P4 with 8S661FX Motherboard

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I cannot be absolutely sure I've found it - this is IBM after all,
and their web site is huge and confusing.


Intel Pentium 4 2.93GHz to 3.4GHz, Prescott processors
Intel Celeron D 2.53GHz to 3.20GHz, Prescott processors

2.93GHz P4 processors are only available in LGA775 packages.
So, I'm guessing this is an LGA775 socket motherboard ?

The characteristics I would look for in a processor, using this
as an example:


CPUID String 0F41 (same as your current Celeron - verify this)
Thermal Guideline 84.0W
Package Type 775 pin
L2 Cache Size 1 MB

I selected the 84W power limit, on the assumption that the
fastest 84W processor is the 3.4GHz one, and the upper limit
in frequency, is based on power consumption from Vcore.

Look in this list, for processors 3.4GHz or slower, which meet
the short list of specs. Click the SSPEC link to see whether
they are 0F41 or not. The BIOS has support for a limited set of
CPUID, and selecting something different than your current
processor (which should be 0F41), makes this upgrade even
more speculative than it already is.


If you find a product you wish to buy, post the URL for the
seller carrying the processor, and perhaps someone can compare
it to the specs for you.


Re: P4 with 8S661FX Motherboard

Hello Paul!

The first link in your last posting has a another link "Detailed
specifications" where all the supported processors are listed.

Many thanks for your help and
Regards from Austria

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