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I was trying to take off the case off my p4.
at the back where the ports are I see some screws I can take off connected
to the case but what are the small round holes? how do I unscrew these
I put a precision screwdriver in and it was no good.
The holes are round and look like 2-4mm in diameter.

Re: p4 case


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You mean rivets?
Rivets don't unscrew without a special kind of screwdriver
called a "power drill".

Fortunately, you won't need to take out the rivets unless
the person who built it really had it in for you.

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If it's meant to be unscrewed, it will have an obvious shape
that allows a tool to get friction to turn it.  You haven't
yet desribed what you have well enough to ID it as a screw
at all but if you think it is, maybe a bit more info or a
good picture (link to it, not posted to the newsgroup) would

I suppose you already took out the other screws and the
cover won't budge?  What case is it?  A link to it online
might help, especially if it's a picture of that area.

Re: p4 case

They sound like rivets. They can probably stay there without stopping you
from taking off the case.
Usually the side slides back then off, or the entire outside casing slides
back then off.

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