P4 Bus Speed ???

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I have the Pentium4 3.2 ghz 800mhz FSB processor fitted to my system & the
Mainboard is a Gigabyte 8ik1100 which utilizes the full features of this

If i go into Nero Info Tool it tells me the bus speed is 200mhz which seems

I downloaded the Intel utility for checking this & it does the test
confirming that the bus speed is in actual fact 800mhz.

Can someone please help with this.


Re: P4 Bus Speed ???

On Thu, 26 May 2005 19:09:46 +0100, "Mr Digital"

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No that's right, 200Mhz clock rate for a quad pumped bus,
200 x 4 = 800.

Essentially, Intel should've been policing better and not
let the idea of "800MHz" catch on, rather pushing "QDR800".

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It's fine, just bad terminology creating a confusion between
multiple reporting tools.

Re: P4 Bus Speed ???

All of the information you have is correct.  The bus speed of the
motherboard is correctly set to 200 MHz.  Then the P4 CPU, which runs
INTERNALLY at four times the motherboard's bus speed, is 800 MHz.


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Re: P4 Bus Speed ???

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Gary H., my very good hardware instructor, has a way of expressing this kind
of stuff:

"Actually, they lie."

He uses the same expression when describing hard drive Cylinders, Heads, and

"See that number there? It's a lie."

The truth about your situation is what kony said.  The bus runs at 200 MHz
and the engineers have found a way of subdividing each pulse in quarters to
"quad-pump" the bus.  Thus it's effectively 800 MHz for the work it does and
that sounds better to consumers than 200, so that's what they say.


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