Overlooking the Obvious, Trackball Edition

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In passing...

I suddenly started to have serious problems with my Logitech wireless  
trackball a couple of months ago although the wireless keyboard continued  
to work perfectly through the same little RF dongle. Basically the cursor  
would become jerky or freeze entirely on an intermittent basis. My thought  
was the usual, dirt, so I cleaned the trackball to death and usually the  
problem went away for a while. Finally it got to the point that I figured  
that a replacement trackball would need to be added to the budget.

Then a couple of delayed synapses fired in the proper sequence and it came  
to me that the problem had gotten worse very suddenly and that it had  
happened when I had replaced my old WiFi with an ASUS RT-AC68U to gain 5gHz  
coverage. My installation is a bit odd in that the router sits on a bottom  
shelf of my desk right beside the computer (and dongle). As an experiment I  
dug out a short USB extension cable and moved the RF dongle all of 12"  
closer to the slide-out where the keyboard and trackball live. No more problem.

Lesson learned (at least until the next stupid problem comes up): don't  
overlook obscure coincidences. The equipment worked perfectly with a 2.4gHz  
router in the same location and with a wireless phone sitting right there  
too but the added 5gHz signal was too much to handle. If figure after the  
fact that the keyboard kept working properly because the data flow is so  
much slower and even in a character dropped every now and then it would be  
overlooked as bad typing.

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