Overheated CPU

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my system configuration is as follows:

Motherboard:                             Asus P5GDC-V (1011.006)
Chipset: I915
CPU QFan-control:                        enabled
2 Chasis fans

CPU Type                                           Intel Pentium 4 530J,
3000 MHz (15 x 200)
      CPU Descr                                   Prescott
      CPU stepping                                      E0
      clocking rate                                   3000 MHz
      Min / Max CPU Multiplier                          14x / 15x
      Engineering Sample                                Nein
      L1 Trace Cache                                    12K Instructions
      L1 Datacache                                     16 KB
      L2 Cache                                          1 MB  (On-Die, ECC,
ATC, Full-Speed)

      Motherboard                                       39 C  (102 F)
      CPU                                               86 C  (187 F)
      Aux                                               19 C  (66 F)
      Maxtor 7Y250P0                                    41 C  (106 F)
      Maxtor 6Y080P0                                    40 C  (104 F)

      CPU                                               4383 RPM

Microsoft Windows XP Professional
      OS Service Pack                                   Service Pack 2

    Microsoft Offics appl.
    Image management
   Backup application (Acronis Trueimage)
   Virus detection
    Web browser (Mozilla Firefox)


When I boot my system or reactivate from standby the following symptoms
occur which never occur before:
I run applications  e.g. Backup app., web browser (FF) or open Windows
explorer in thumbnail view of a folder that contains images ,
CPU usage rises to 95%-100% permanent.
As a result CPU temperature rises from about initially 60C to 90C+ withing
10 minutes, CPU fan speed starts at 2900RPM
and fanspeed rises very slowly at the same time CPU temp rises to 90C+,
when the systems suddenly shuts down because of overheated CPU.

As soon as CPU usage is less than 10%, CPU temperature stays around 70-80C,
and CPU fan speed is ~4000RPM or falls below 2000RPM.

Does any has an explanation why
a) CPU usage of applications incl. windows explorer gets about 100%
b) CPU temp gets overheated
c) while CPU temp is above 80C CPU fan speed rises very slowly (after
system boot)

Appeciate any thoughts to troubleshoot.
Thanks in advance.


Re: Overheated CPU

Bodo wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Well, the shutdown means it is really overheating, and this is not
just an issue with inaccurate temperature readings.

I'd remove the CPU heatsink, reapply thermal paste (Arctic Ceramique or
Arctic Silver, not too much, just a thin layer to take the place of any
air gap). Refit the CPU heatsink and test it again.

The slowly rising CPU fan speed, means the computer case air is getting
warm too. You should have one fan, in addition to the fan on the PSU,
mounted on the back of the computer. On my computer, I have a rear 120mm
square fan, exhausting air from the computer case. The delta between
case air temperature and the room temp right now, is 28C - 25C = 3C on
my computer. Good computer case cooling, achieves no more than a 7 to 10C
delta between case air temp and room temp. If your computer case temp is
a lot higher than the room temperature, work on improving air circulation
through the computer case. I removed the plastic bezel on the front of my
computer, to make more room for air to flow inwards.

       <--- PSU fan                 |
       <--- Exhaust fan             |
           |                  Intake
           |Computer case     Vent    <--- Intake vent big enough
           |Airflow diagram         |      to allow good airflow.


Re: Overheated CPU

Bodo wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Seems you have to blow out all the dust from your cpu fan and cpu
heatsink. They accumulate dust just like a vacuum cleaner. Use a can of
"compressed air" to do it.

http://www.bootdisk.com /

Re: Overheated CPU

Like to thank you Paul and Plato for your perfect suggestions.

The fans where badly covered with dust, and after
an intense cleaning of fans, MB survcace and reaplying silver based
thermal compound (akasa) (thermal conductivity 9.24 W/mC) to the heat sink,
now the system runs like a charm.

It's also very quiet now and temperature status now is:

      Motherboard                                       36 C  (97 F)
      CPU                                               49 C  (120 F)
      Aux                                               7 C  (45 F)
      Maxtor 7Y250P0                                    29 C  (84 F)
      Maxtor 6Y080P0                                    28 C  (82 F)

      CPU                                               1705 RPM

CPU Temperature ranges from 49C to 55C.

Again many thanks!

Kind regards

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