Overclocking Athlon 64 4000+ San Diego ASrock 939 DualSata MB

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I bought the ASRock DualSata MoBo so I could use my memory and my new AGP
However, overclocking is not a strong point of this board. The OC
Capabilities are limited.
I am able to run nice and stable at 2.75GHz from a 2.4GHz CPU, but my past
with AMD is that this is the minimum that can be achieved! This chip should
be able to
reach 3.0GHz without wheezing.

The board has limited OC capabilites; the settings for DRAM are Normal
(2.5v) and High (2.7v)
You can adjust the 'FSB' (Hyperthreading on the Athlon 64) at 200, 400, 600,
800 & 1000 MHz
You can also clock the memory at 133, 166 and 200 MHz.

I am running Kingston HyperX PC3500 capable of 434MHz, (2-3-3-7-1T) and I
had it running at a total
transfer rate of 2.021GB/S!!! But, it only ran on MemTest booted off a SUSE
Linux install disk, any Real
World OS booting froze up either at boot or shortly after. I can achieve
2.75GHz Stable at a memory rate
of 1.75GB/S. It's fast, but I should be able to go higher on the CPU Speed.

Also, I am running a Stock AMD fan, with another fan 'crosscutting' the
heatsink; after 4 hours
last night, even with the Cool 'n Quiet diabled the CPU was only running at
38Degrees C/100 F.

ANy ideas how to at least get this to 2.8GHz?


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