OT Windows 8 - Lost DVD drive

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This seems weird.  I have a simple 64-bit system with one HDD and one
DVD.  I installed W8 from an installation DVD in the DVD drive.  W8
now running for first time.  The DVD drive is nowhere to be seen.

I checked the BIOS, and the drive is detected fine.   Of course, I
couldn't have installed the OS if it hadn't been.  BIOS is still
showing the drive, but I can't find it anywhere to use it in W8.



Re: OT Windows 8 - Lost DVD drive

Rogers@wildwest.org wrote:
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One suggestion here, is to move the SATA optical drive cable
to another motherboard SATA port, in the hope that it would
get re-enumerated. We would call this "cheating", except
when you just want the damn thing to work :-)


And this article...

http://www.intowindows.com/fix-dvd-drive-not-detected-in-windows-8 /

suggests some registry magic. Hard to say how many
people will be using "Controller0" and not some
other controller. In any case, you can see the theme
here is one of enumeration. Device Manager

reg.exe add "HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\atapi\Controller0" /f /v
EnumDevice1 /t REG_DWORD /d 000000001

Microsoft has a Fixit for CD/DVD drives (which as far
as I know, mainly involves UpperFilter entry removal),
but it likely hasn't been updated for Windows 8.
So this would be in the "you're getting bored/frustrated
and wanna try something".


On WinXP, I'd look in setupapi.* files, for evidence of problems
installing. But I don't know what the equivalent of that
would be in Windows 8. Windows 7 had some files, but their content
isn't exactly the same as WinXP, and a little less usable.

Device Manager had a "Scan for Device Changes" item in
one of its menus. You could also give that a try,
but what are the odds that would make a difference.
That should be happening upon boot anyway.

And booting the OS one more time, is another possibility.
I think when I was running the test version, the OS was
screwing around a bit on its own, sometime after I'd installed
it. So if you're currently booted for the first time,
and haven't rebooted since installation, that's another
thing you can try. Go to Windows Update, kick the OS around
a bit in there, then if there are any patches to load,
do a reboot.

Cuss words are optional :-)


Re: OT Windows 8 - Lost DVD drive

Hi Paul

Wei here.

You're always there with helpful suggestions.  And I thank you for

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I tried this first off.  Worked like a charm.  Sobeit.

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Tried that.  Did no good.

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Re: OT Windows 8 - Lost DVD drive

Rogers@wildwest.org wrote:
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Good job :-)


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