OT: Why I like EDTN tones

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I accidentally posted this in the previous thread*. This time I am
posting only to alt.comp.hardware since that's where the poster I am
responding to was posting from. Sorry for the annoyance.

*This is the previous thread:

Once again, I apologize profusely for the repetition.

http://groups.google.com/group/rec.audio.tech/msg/77d92297939cfdb3?hl=en &

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The tones I describe are something I'm interested. It's like one of my
many hobbies.

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What gives you that idea?

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I think my interests relate more to my own experiences.

My birthdate is 10-22-83. On the end of December of '89 -- around a
week before Christmas -- I experienced a blow to my head that cause me
to feel like I was in a different universe. I was playing basketball
in my school, I ran after the ball trying to catch it, but instead hit
my head on a metal pole [used to hold a tetherball].

My symptoms because much worse after January of '90. The symptoms
ended in the end of May of '91. Ironically, the headache was not
severe and only lasted about a day after the injury.

The symptoms were mostly psychological but very frightening.
Strangely, they were scary and enjoyable at the same time.

Here were my symptoms:

1. Paroxysmal dissociative states
2. Flashbacks of my house in Stamford, Connecticut [which my parents
and I moved out in July of '86]
3. Abnormal dreams consisting of Stamford, the sun suddenly losing its
light [causing the sky to go dark], as well as sounds emitted by
electronic devices [such the interference on the AM radio and
heterodyne tones], and computer error messages.
4. Obsession with outer space, as well as the strange sounds emitted
by electronic equipment. I used to often play my Nintendo when it was
connected to channel 3. However, I was change the TV channel to 4. I
could see the video of the game but it was fuzzy and covered in
grains. The music of the game was absent, and instead was filled with
frightening-yet-enjoyable tones [sounding like a buzzer, lawn mower,
or electric shaver] along with a faint audio of what was being
discussed on the channel 4 news. I would get so scared, yet I would
enjoy it. I would get scared when I saw computer error messages --
especially if I knew they were resulting from some remote network
issues -- yet I would enjoy it too. My dad's PC used Windows 3.0 at
the time and had a dial-up internet connection. There were often
errors on this PC when I used it. These errors related to some distant
malfunction. Again, this was pleasurable and scary for me at the same
5. Whenever I would change or look at the settings on the TV, I would
often see the inside my Stamford home. Particularly the "CATV" sign
caused me to see into the hallway and one of the bedrooms in my
Stamford home.
6. At night, the sounds of the dogs barking would really scare me --
for no reason. I'd have to plug my ears and close all the windows [to
soften the barks] in order to be in peace.
7. On the school bus, I would feel disconnected and terrified when the
CB radio emitted sounds consisting of radio-frequency interferences.
8. I got a scored of 5 -- out of what, I don't remember -- on my
spelling test. When I look at the '5', pictures of my Stamford home
began to flicker in my eyes.
9. Paroxysmal Out-of-body experiences
10. Paroxysmal Visual and auditory hallucinations
11. Paroxysmal periods where my sense of time would be shortened
dramatically - 5 hour felt like 5 minutes.
12. Panic attacks
13. Trance-like states

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terrifying-yet-enjoyable symptoms.

On 9-9-90, I had probably one of the most strange and scary symptoms.
I was fully awake yet I got the feeling that I was going to start
dreaming. It was the feeling I usually get if I wake up in the middle
of the night and then experience sleep paralysis. There is a strange
feeling I will usually get [a warning] before sleep paralysis sets in
and I start to dream -- usually in the form of nightmares. I can't
remember what happened on 9-9-90 after the 'warning'. I do know that
there was no paralysis.

I didn't tell my family about this head injury until recently. I
didn't think it was that important. The day of the injury, I had a
mild-headache and experienced mild versions of the about 13 symptoms.
However, the pain was gone, the next day. Hence, being the naive kid I
was, thought that it wasn't of concern. The 13 symptoms also
temporarily subsided after the next day, however, it re-surfaced
tremendously as New Years approached. At Jan of '90 an onwards it
became emotionally-unbearable for me. Finally ending in May of '91.

Re: OT: Why I like EDTN tones

On Sun, 26 Aug 2007 00:32:43 -0000, Radium

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Your message was already replied to.  The repetition is
about as useful as sitting around listing to tones.

Re: OT: Why I like EDTN tones

On Sun, 26 Aug 2007 00:32:43 -0000, Radium

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While this is unfortunate (if true), it does not explain nor
validate your folly.  Seems more like a psychological
crutch, but even if some kind of physical handicap, all the
more reason to seek fruitful things instead, and take the
hint after so many people have pointed out the error in your

Re: EDT [European Deaf Telephone] and EDTN are the TDD protocols used in Switzerland

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WTF! An eerie feeling which he enjoys? And somehow electronics and
telecom experts are supposed to care?

Al in St. Lou

Re: OT: Why I like EDTN tones

Radium wrote:
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There are various forms of epilepsy. Some are associated with
head injuries. See a medical doctor, and find out how
expensive it would be to have your brain function checked.
Give the doctor a rundown, as detailed as your posting quoted
above. They probably cannot "sew you back together", but they
may be able to predict better what will happen to you
in the future.



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