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My hardware is too fast these days to run an old DOS game (UFO, Enemy
Unknown). With DOSBox (A DOS emulator), I can't get past the 'enter code'
screen - it won't accept any codes that I enter. I have the original CD and
printed manual (complete with codes).

Anyone recommend a good software/gaming group where I can ask for help.


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you could run DOS from a boot disk.

There is a program which I used when my computer was too fast for my
DOS err, games.   I think the one I used was called ATSLOW  . Googling
verifies that that program exists. It slows down your computer to
whatever speed you want.

I guess it'd be useful for pacman, or maybe space bats of doom , I
really have no idea what programs I used it for. I can't have used it
much. But it was good. I certainly had a good program to slow down my
comp and I think it was ATSLOW.

If you still can't get a program to do it by say next week, after
looking around, then email me and i'll try to find it. I should have
it on a zip on a backup hard drive somewhere. I'll make it public.
Try P2P apps too, maybe it's on emule.
I think I once found "AA"/autodesk animator, on emule. Maybe ATSLOW is
on there too.

Search usenet for atslow or atslow.com  , that may pick up some
newsgroups where others may know.

Searching usenet picked up an alternative too called moslo available
I never tried it.

Re: OT: Software help

GT wrote:
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It looks like some people are getting to work on xp, with a patch:


Re: OT: Software help

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Fantastic link - thanks. I have the DOS version, so I'll give this windows
version a 'bash'. Cheers, GT.

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