OT: Organized crime on the Internet

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On Craigslist I found a fellow selling a quad core CPU and it is now  
working fine. In another post I should detail all the good things a quad  
core upgrade does.

Subject: OT: Organized crime on the Internet

I wish to inform the community for your better protection. On Google I  
found a company in China, DHGate and their collection agency Global  
Collect CV. I am convinced these are Triad companies involved in fraud,  
conspiracy, organized crime, money laundering and email spam, etc. on a  
global basis. Shortly I will present my case to RCMP bunko, then  
management of RBC Toronto.

Briefly, my case is that I made payment as directed, to a bank account  
of Global Collect CV in RBC Toronto, by direct deposit. I have documents  
to prove it. Then on Dec. 21, I received email from DHGgate saying my  
order was cancelled. A cancelled order is forgotten and the money I paid  
is unaccounted.

Please be warned, do not transact with any Triad business in China,  
DHgate or Global Collect CV.

Thank you.


Re: OT: Organized crime on the Internet

On 12/23/2015 10:25 AM, Norm X wrote:
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Thanks for the warning....a direct bank deposit sounds very irregular.

I have *never* had a problem ordering directly from China
but I only order through eBay and I only pay through PayPal.

Also: If for any reason I did not get the item, the amount of money is  
so little that it would not be worth pursuing.

Much to my surprise, the other day I ordered some low priced RAM that  
was said to only work with AMD cpus and before they shipped it...emailed  
me to confirm that I knew what I was buying...

In all the years that I've been ordering on-line I never before heard of  
anyone double-checking and order.

Re: OT: Organized crime on the Internet

On 12/23/2015 11:25 AM, Norm X wrote:
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Next thing you'll be telling me that the Nigerian prince is not sending me  

Re: OT: Organized crime on the Internet

On 2015-12-25 12:03 PM, John McGaw wrote:
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Yes but linking my loss to the Triads may be understatement.

DHgate gets a pretty good write up in Wikipedia, except for a mysterious  
loss of a relationship with PayPal. On the other hand Archimedes  
Plutonium had a pretty good write up on Wikipedia, which he wrote  
himself. Global Collect has no entry on Wikipedia.

Things get very weird when I do online research on Global Collect.  
Google search reveals TWO companies, "Global Collect CV" supposedly HQed  
in China and "Global Collect BV" in Texas. "Global Collect BV" gets a C-  
rating on the webpage for Vancouver BBB. Strike 1) they are not a member  
of BBB and strike 2) they have an unresolved complaint. The BBB says  
that the C- grade is not as low as it could be because of the scale of  
business. OTOH as Philo said, not all complaints are registered.

When you get to Youtube things are even more strange. There, only the  
name "Global Collect" is used. I watched one in which a white guy with a  
British accent claimed to be CEO. He named a few cities with branch  
offices none of which is in China or Texas.

Strange, one would think that a company with global scope would have a  
trade marked name. If not, I guess any clown can claim to be "Global  

Re: OT: Organized crime on the Internet


I do not know if Windows 10 can be trusted. It inserts itself into ones  
business affairs. E.g. I ordered an article off eBay. Then 10 started to  
inform me of mail on the internal eBay mail system. Some intel.

If Windows 10 knows your business affairs, it opens an opportunity for  
organized crime. I just sent a second fax to the RCMP fraud squad.  
Shortly after I received a message on Gmail from a DHgate rep.

Microsoft is no angel. On numerous occasions Microsoft lost judgements  
and was forced to pay penalties of ~$0.5 billions.

The US Department of justice was about to split Microsoft over  
anti-trust activities. Then it was decided that Microsoft is too big to  

Recent literature has shown Steve Jobs to be a real bad-ass criminal.

I suspect that many problems with the Windows 10 upgrade are inserted to  
encourage purchase of a paid version.

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