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This may be OT but I didn't know where else to post this.
I found a hard drive with an installation package on it consisting of
two ISO files in two separate folders.  The ISO files are each over
7GB in size and extract to folders larger than that.

I tried installing from the extracted files from the first ISO, and
found that the installation eventually wants a second DVD disk.  I
have the extraction from the second ISO file elsewhere on the hard
drive now but the installer doesn't accept it from where it is.

The simple solution would be to burn the ISO's to two DVD's but I
don't have a double-layer drive or disks for that matter, and so the
extractions will not fit.

Is there a way I can fake out the installer to accept the second
extraction?  Say by folder re-naming or by creating virtual DVD's or
some such?

Re: OT - Large ISO

On 3/7/2011 8:48 AM, me@yah.net wrote:
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You can use a virtual drive to mount the ISO.


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Yeh - I just found that.  I am trying it now.


Re: OT - Large ISO

me@yah.net wrote:
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There is a list of tools here. Scroll down the middle column for "Yes",
scroll across for "Windows". There is at least one more besides Virtual


I seem to remember some old version of Nero came with a mounter as well.

When you're finished with virtual mounter software, the best option is
to uninstall or disable it. Sometimes, those programs interfere with your
ability to burn discs.


Re: OT - Large ISO

On 3/7/2011 9:48 AM, me@yah.net wrote:
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Difficult to say since the creator of the install might have booby trapped
the operation to prevent tampering. The first thing I'd try though is
extracting the contents of both ISOs into a single directory and then
installing from the combined set of files. Sometimes an installer is pretty
simple minded about how it determines if a second, third, etc disk is
required and if it finds the file it wants it won't ask (or if it asks it
might accept the same directory it started from). Nothing to lose except
for a temporary use of 15+gB of disk space and a bit of time.

But, damn, what sort of program needs two DVD-DLs for an install (feel free
to consider that a rhetorical question if you are doing something dodgy)?
Talk about your bloat!

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