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What is the best group for windows advice? I want to ask about why games
don't work with ZoneAlarm switched on, even though I allow it to act as a
server and grant it access to the web. Can anyone point me to a good website
here for help, or recommend a useful newsgroup.


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On Fri, 3 Feb 2006 14:33:51 -0000, "GT"

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Grant "it" what acces to the web?  Grant Zonealarm access?

Offhand I'd suspect these games are trying to connect to the
internet, perhaps a license validity check and when they
don't get confirmation they fail.

Thus, presuming you have valid license/installation of the
game you may need to find a way to put these in the
zonealarm "allow" category.  Is there a menu you can add
them in zone alarm?  I don't know (especially not knowing
which games they are) that the EXE ran for the game play is
necessarily the same EXE called upon to access the internet
so it may be a matter of checking the files or

Is there a Zonealarm log that shows rejected attempts?
That'd be a great place to start.

comp.security.firewalls might be a more applicable group
than a windows group. You might check in the zonelabs forum
as well as gaming forums (web forums) with a lot of users of
the particular game.

Re: OT Group advice...

I've tried both Zonealarm and Sygate Personal Firewall (before the
latter was swallowed/bought out by their competitors Norton). You may
be able to find the latter firewall, which is simple & effective, via a
Google search.

FWIW, only a handful of games I know need you to get permission from
their servers to play, even in single player. Half life 2 is one of
them, and I never bought it as a result.

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