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    Forgive me for asking.....where can I get information on 'digital  
encryption' used by commercial business? My local Medical Facility is  
no longer accepting cash, (but will digitize and transmit checks), as  
payments. The 'encryption' newsgroups are apparently not available on  
the AIOE servers. I googled but answers were too far over my head. TIA
Ed Mc
Nam Vet  '66-'67
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Re: OT: encryption software

On 4/12/2013 10:32 AM, Motor T wrote:
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This is hard to follow. Are you trying to send encrypted data? For end  
to end encryption to work, both sides heed to be able to talk to each  
other. So it is up to the medical facility to tell you how they want the  
data encrypted.

As an aside, if you just want to encrypt a document for emailing, try  
7-zip. There is a box for AES encryption. You just phone in the  
password. That works with your CPA or lawyer, who is often clueless  
about internet security. It won't work for a large institution that has  
its own methods.

There are ISPs strictly for small medical practices that claim HIPAA  
certification. From what I can tell, they just enforce best practices  
security. That is, all email must be TLS. Faxes are sent using  
encryption, i.e. on the internet, with programs, not over phone lines.  
To my knowledge, none of these facilities has gone to extremes like PGP.

If the facility takes a credit card, I would just pay them that way. Use  
it as a cut out. There are all sorts of shenanagins people can do once  
they have your bank and account number. I've run into someone who had a  
purse stolen that contained a checkbook, and the checking account data  
was used to get a payday loan.

Re: OT: encryption software

On 4/15/2013 7:33 PM, miso wrote:
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    I want to be sure my 'digitized check' is transmitted by Group Health  
using the best type of encryption available. Not some software bought by  
the local mini-market 6 years ago.
    I did get some info from the Medical I.T. dept. Encrypted by One  
Payment ver. Some company named Core Business Geneology. The  
term 'Veriphone' was mentioned. The whole thing, apparentaly, run by  
Bank of America. The only part I really understood was: 'It's all done  
as securely as it can be'.
    Thanks for the reply.

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