OT: cannot sync RTC

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I've been synchronizing my RTC with time.nist.gov almost everyday
for the past one month, but have not been able to do so for the
past few days. Windows says that there was an error while
synchronizing. Trying to sync with time.windows.com gives the
additional message "The time sample was rejected because: The
peer's stratum is less than the host's stratum". Can anyone
please explain what this means ? Does it have anything to do with
my settings or does the fault lie with my ISP ?

Re: OT: cannot sync RTC

pjdd wrote:
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Getting the same result here, on multiple PCs.

Its gone away by itself when its happened previously, in days.

Re: OT: cannot sync RTC

rod_speed@yahoo.com wrote:
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I tried a number of alternate time servers, all in the US
and they all failed, just said error, not that specific message.

Just tried another in my own time zone and it works fine.
And time.windows.com still fails the same way.

Re: OT: cannot sync RTC

On 22 May 2005 19:49:43 -0700, rod_speed@yahoo.com wrote:

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I just ran D4Time on <tick.usno.navy.mil> with no problems. I use that
every morning and it has not reported an error in a very long time.


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Re: cannot sync RTC

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Don't know about that specific error but time.nist.gov is a stratum 1 time
server that is only supposed to be used to sync other time servers. It is
considered bad form to use a stratum 1 server to sync the time of a single

Here is a reference on the rules of engagement:


and a list of stratum 2 servers:


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