OT: Camcorder Battery Replacement

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I posted this in rec.video.desktop, but didn't get any action, so I
thought I might try here:

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I've purchased a cheapie flash memory camcorder: the Sanyo VPC-HD100.
It's apparently a Wal-mart exclusive.  It is working well enough, but
charge time is a little low--just over an hour--so I'm looking to buy a
second battery.

The battery pack that came with the unit says:

   Sanyo NP-60
   Li-ion Batery
   3.7V 1100mAh 4.1Wh
   P/N: 04291-0089-00

It measures 53 x 35 x 7 mm (2.10 x 1.38 x 0.28 in).  Here's a photo for
your edification:


Sanyo has designated PacParts as their parts distributor.  With
shipping, they want nearly $100 to get a replacement battery to me.
(Also, they sound like they're annoyed I'm bothering them when I call.)


Web searches for NP-61 equivalents have not produced any explicit
information.  Many Fuji NP-60s have very similar, or even identical
specifications.  Some NP-60s seem to be a different size, like this one:


I think I can probably find a part that geometrically and electrically
fits, but I'm worried there might be some other incompatibility.  Like,
for instance: Will my charger blow up an NP-60 if it's designed for an

Any guidance you can offer will be appreciated.

Re: OT: Camcorder Battery Replacement

Grinder wrote:
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Why are you going on about an NP-61? You state that the existing battery is
an NP-60. Why not just buy another identical unit from a more rational
vendor? There are a large number that pop up in a Google search, many of
which are too cheap to believe but I'd suspect that one of the ~ $12 units
might be just fine..

John McGaw
[Knoxville, TN, USA]

Re: OT: Camcorder Battery Replacement

John McGaw wrote:
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Sorry, that's a typo.  The existing battery is an NP-61.  I want to know
if an NP-60 will work.

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