OSX + USB Hard Drive = WTF???

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   Sorry if this is a repeat, all, but I couldn't find any helpful
solutions.  I have a Firelite USB 40 GB Hard Drive that I'm using in
computer labs at my university.  I have a PC laptop, but all the lab
computers are Mac.  I'm often switching from computer to computer (it's
a lab), so I have to re-transfer all files when I do.  I'm running
around with 2 GB project files (audio).  On SOME Macs, SOME of the
time, the transfer will get part way through and then just stop.  The
Finder has to be relaunched to stop the copy operation, cause it just
freezes.  I would understand if it were a compatability issue, but
sometimes it works just fine, and there's no reason I should be having
trouble with a USB drive under OS X.  The drive is formatted FAT32, but
that shouldn't be causing problems either.  If anyone knows what's
going on here, or has a link to the solution, please respond as quickly
as possible.  Of course this is happening as I'm running on a project
deadline - so I really don't have time for this crap right now.

   Because I am limited on time, and because doing so would require
being able to COPY the data (my PC only has USB 1, so that would take
DAYS), reformatting is not really an option.  Any other ideas?


Re: OSX + USB Hard Drive = WTF???

   It seems I've solved my own problem (2 hours and many expletives
later).  I plugged the drive back into my Windows box and there were
bunches of files with periods at the beginning of the file name.  I'm
not 100% sure but I think this is caused by disconnecting the drive
before OSX is ready (even if it tells you that it IS ready, sometimes
it must not be).   I suppose these files are holding some sort of
metadata or something.  But by using my windows box to delete them, I
was able to copy normally.  Hope anyone else with this problem finds
this helpful...

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