OSX on clone PC hardware?

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So... I see that folks have been tweaking Mac OSX to run natively on regular
PC hardware for about a year now.  I'd love to give this a go myself, but
most of the information I'm finding is WAY out of date.

Is there a recent online tutorial as to what needs to be done to get OSX
successfully running on a PC?

My hardware:

- DFI Lanparty nF4 Ultra-D mainboard
- AMD Opteron 165 dual core CPU
- 1 gig DDR memory
- nVidia 7600GT PCIe video card
- Audigy 4SE PCI soundcard
- 120gig Seagate PATA hard drive
- LG dual layer DVD RW
- Logitech cordless mouse/keyboard
- Dell 2405FWP 24" widescreen LCD monitor

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