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How do you deal with an optical mouse that doesn't move right anymore?

It's movement is no longer very smooth.

Is this caused by dust or something else?


Re: optical mouse

bob smith wrote:
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Several possibilities:

1) Broken cable, where cable enters mouse.

    If the optical mouse is wireless, check for bad batteries,
    interfering sources (telephone base station), or for
    interference coming from a neighbor.

    I've had a few cables go bad. I pull a hunk of cable inside
    the mouse, cut off the defective wire, and solder the wires
    back into place. The strain relief they use, only helps a bit.
    If you need proof, you can use a multimeter and do a continuity
    check, with the mouse opened up, and the wire pads exposed.

2) If you look at the quality of the sensor,
    they're typically dreadful looking. It's a wonder
    they hold together. The people making those sensors,
    can't seem to make a good housing for the IC.

3) Check for dust and dirt. I might average a year or
    two, between mouse disassemblies. Note that, the mouse
    can be filled with bits and pieces, like tiny springs.
    Work on a brightly lit surface, so you don't lose anything.
    I can't imagine the sweatshop where they'd assemble such
    things (lots of small parts, doesn't suggest automation is
    used). I'm really surprised there isn't a way to make
    the mouse less labor-intensive in manufacturing.

    Most of the time, I need to clean the scroll wheel
    sensor area, and remove dust balls from underneath the
    mouse buttons. I haven't needed to do anything special
    with the sensor.

    The screws are typically hidden by stickers, or by the
    sliders on the bottom of the mouse. You can use a magnet,
    sweep it over the base of the mouse, to get some idea where
    the screws are located.

I would rate "broken cable", high on my list. Dust bunnies
under the buttons, you can tell by the accidental "drop" on
a "drag", that the button needs cleaning. Or just the feel
of the buttons isn't right.

At one time, the optical sensors could be fooled by a particularly
bad choice of mouse pad. I use a rubber pad now (from a
company that knows how to make rubber that doesn't stink :-) ).
The sensor seems to work well on that.


Re: optical mouse

On Thursday, May 23, 2013 6:23:08 PM UTC-5, Paul wrote:
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I found this optical mousing surface:

3M Precise Optical Mousing Surface (MP200PS) by 3M  
(Amazon.com product link shortened)

I just got it yesterday, and it is pretty nice so far.  The mouse moves smooth
on it.


Re: optical mouse

bob smith wrote:
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Thanks for posting back. I didn't think it would be
the mouse pad, but decided to mention it anyway.


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