Opinion on this ram :OCZ400512R2

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I know the timings of this ram are better than the Kingston DDR 466 stuff I
use now, but for doing a little overclocking, not a lot, might I get better
performance from the OCZ stuff because of the timings?


Re: Opinion on this ram :OCZ400512R2

On Sat, 16 Jul 2005 11:10:19 -0300, "news_reader"

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You didn't mention the timings of either modules so it's
kinda hard to say.

_IF_ the OCZ's timings allow either lower timings at same
memory bus speed or higher bus speed with same timings (or
perhaps both), then you will get better performance but such
performance boosts are typically only a few percent.  The
amount varies per task but a rough average might be 3-5%.
On boards where you can adjust memory bus seperate from FSB,
it might allow another few % but not a lot.  Generally it's
probably not worthwhile for the slight performance gain,
rather that having more memory might help if you had large
jobs... but then using larger # of modules can cause a board
to automatically use slower timings.

If it used slower timings you might be able to manually set
them faster again and retain stability- or you might not.

Re: Opinion on this ram :OCZ400512R2

Ok, the OCZ PC3200 cas 2-3-3-6, the Kingston is 3-4-4-8

Im running a ASUS P4C800 Intel 2.8, Im thinking I can squeeze the OCZ better
for speed
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