Online Suppliers with Int'l Shipping?

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I'm looking for a US online computer parts supplier (such as Newegg for
example) that will ship internationally to Europe (Switzerland). Does
anybody have any recommendations? I'm a true fan of Newegg, but they
don't ship over here and the prices for computer parts are quite high!
Even with shipping, I'm sure I could do better. Thanks in

Re: Online Suppliers with Int'l Shipping? wrote:

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With your favorite search engine, look for "international orders".

Here is an example of what you will find:

I think the issue is one of transaction security. That company
wants the money up front, and there have been scams in the
past, where a transaction clears, the company thinks it has
the money, only to find the transaction is reversed at
the bank or credit card company. So, either the seller gets
burned (by phony payment methods) or the buyer gets burned
(upfront money accepted and no product ships).

One of the advantages of doing business in your own country,
is there are legal remedies to protect consumers. Dealing
internationally means accepting all the risks yourself.

When you find a company that accepts international orders,
check their reputation using . Use
the "store" search. Here is an example for the company
above - in particular, you want lots of reviews and a
good rating out of 10. While using this method will
immediately eliminate a lot of the more flexible
smaller businesses, you really need a high level of
trust in the rating, since you have little in the
way of protection.

Depending on the weight of the item you expect to buy, the
cost of shipping will rapidly negate your savings. For
example, I am in Canada, and bought an assembled computer
from California. The shipping price was reasonable. A year
later, I tried to buy a "barebones" computer from Zipzoomfly.
While the (empty) computer was not even close to the
weight of the full computer I bought, they wanted more
than double the price in shipping cost. Internet retailers
generally do a poor job of providing optimal shipping
methods for orders, so after filling in all the order
details on a web page, you may be shocked by what they
charge for shipping. I certainly was, and Zipzoomfly
did not get my business that day.


Re: Online Suppliers with Int'l Shipping?

Thanks Paul. Yes I'm also concerned about some of the things you say,
but the main difference is that I am pretty much a US resident and use
US credit cards, etc but just need a few things shipped over while
overseas. Believe it or not, even when I add shipping for some items,
it's still less expensive in US. For example, a no name DVD burner here
in Switzerland seems to go for about 110 swiss francs or about $85. The
same might go for $40-$50 in US depending on supplier. Shipping might
be $10-$15 which is still a little savings. Of course this is just an
example and many things have more of a price difference. I agree a full
system would be too much. In your case, you might consider building
your own system but just buy the case (majority of the shipping charge)
in Canada and having the smaller/lighter components shipped from US.

Re: Online Suppliers with Int'l Shipping?

Just a quick thought but have you considered import duty charges. I worked
for a major computer maker some years ago and talking to one of our tachs
over there, at that time if you had to get a part form say England to fix a
machine in France it was H%&& getting the part into France or wherever.
Maybe with EU that has all changed.
John wrote:

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Re: Online Suppliers with Int'l Shipping?

John Smith wrote:
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AIUI, imported goods above a certain amount are also taxable at 17.5%
VAT (as are all retail goods in the UK), which bumps up the price a bit
too. Other taxes may also apply. In many cases VAT is the major
contribution to goods being more expensive here than elsewhere (i.e.
deduct 17.5% and you get a competitive local price to international

Does the US have VAT tax on consumer goods as well?

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