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Vista Home Premium 32

Some time back the image on my monitor started blurring frequently
(requiring reboot) or I would receive a BSOD about nvlddmkm.sys.  An
'expert' had me reinstall the nVidia drivers and the problem stopped for
abut a day.  Now it is increasing in frequency.  I get the blurring
whether I am in safe mode or not.  Sometimes the problem begins seconds
after boot up.  Sometimes it runs perfectly for a day - never two days
but usually happens 3-5 times a day.  Ran a test per HP that 'proved'
the video card is OK.  I would think once I reboot and have the correct
driver installed and the monitor works perfectly for a few hours, the
driver should be OK.  I'm willing to be wrong though.

Related or not, I don't know.  Often the screensaver apparently quits.
That is, instead of a screensaver, the screen turns black.  Nothing I do
can return the monitor to show anything other than black.  Reboot is

Related or not, I don't know.  sometimes the monitor goes to sleep
during reboot.  Reboot is necessary.  Sometimes it goes t osleep in the
middle of my typing.  Reboot is necessary.

I posted here a while back that my wireless keyboard would take times
when it would not respond to keystrokes.  Someone here suggested a
conflict with a wireless device.  I thought I narrowed it down to a
bluetooth dongle - the problem stopped for a day or two but is back 2-5
times a day.

Finally, my speakers appear haunted.  OK, not really.  But every few
hours I get a load 'click; from the wired speakers for no reason.  And
more peculiar, to me, is once or twice a week, I can hear someone
talking through the speakers.  I can't tell if it is a cell phone
bleeding over, radio, or whatever, but I can hear 5-10 words of someone
speaking and no more voices for a few days. Maybe coincidence but the
last time it happened was when I was having trouble with the keyboard.

That's it.  Are all/any of these related?  Could my monitor problem be
something other than a driver?  Could the driver be causing a scrensaver

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