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i have been just given a philips icd751 mk11 monitor
only problem is there is no d-sub on it, there is only 2 rows of 5 plugs one
row marked external and the other row is marked internal.
there is another plug to the side marked remote, it looks the same as a
gameport connector but smaller and only 10 pin.
what cable do i need to use on this?
also there is no settings switches on this monitor how do i center the
screen on it or are they automatic

thanx for any help it would be greatly appreciated

Re: old monitor question

wasted wrote:
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If they are coaxial connectors, and have labels like R,G,B,H,V, you
might use an adapter cable like this. My old CRT monitor had five coax
connectors on it, and the monitor came with a VGA to five connector
cable. You can get different ends on a cable like this, such as BNC,
RCA, or some other coaxial form. I think mine was BNC. (R,G,B,H,V =


Otherwise, you'll need to find some pictures of the connectors,
so we can guess at it. These are two image search engines.

http://images.google.com /

Are you certain it is Philips brand ? Their LCD numbering
scheme seems to be different than just a small number like


Re: old monitor question

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It appears to be a rebadged Barco, which figures given the other detail.

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