Old Compaq ?

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I picked up an old Compaq mobo

don't know what model it was originally in
but the cpu is an AMD1400

built a machine from spare parts and loaded XP

runs fine   *except* it will only boot if the cd is in the drive

Even if I have set the machine to boot first from HD

still it will not boot.

It requires that boot first from cdrom is enabled
and an XP cd is in the drive

I've tried other HD's and even Linux

but the same result

tried different IDE channels

and even tried an IDE controller with all on-board controllers disable

the thing will just not boot unless it's set to boot from cd first and
an XP cd is in the drive

I vaguely recall that some HP's and or Compaqs had a diagnostic
partition and wonder if there is some proprietary scheme needed to get
this thing to work.

Considering the board cost me nothing

maybe I should just pull the cpu and toss it in the recycle bin

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