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Re: OK to use inkjet paper in a laser printer?

On Fri 04 Apr 2008 21:46:03, Tony wrote:
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Here's some more info on my situation.  I am in the UK.

I use an Oki B4100 desktop laser. See http://snipurl.com/23mha .

The B4100's toner cartridge is just a hollow cylinder and drops
toner into a hopper.  Strangely, there's no scraper/trough for
excess toner from the drum but just a spongy pick-up roller about
2cm in diameter.  I give this roller a wipe from time to time.  I
keep the print LEDs clean.

I use OKI original toner.  Called "Type 9" by Oki.

After about a year or so and two standard toner cartridges, I got a
horizontal strip of powdery toner on the rear of the page.  Then Oki
changed the drum for me.  I would guess this strip on the rear may
have been due to the pick-up roller being too full of toner to hold
any more.  This streaking had got really bad and the lighter lines
could be seen in printed text.

This strip seems to be appearing a little bit once again with the
new drum after only one "2,500 page" toner cartridge.  Printed
images show some slightly light vertical streaks (20 or 30 of them).


I've been using mostly own-brand paper from my Tesco supermarket.  

(1)  I used to use Tesco's Value White Copier Paper ("great for any
low cost, high volume printing") but it is too flimsy for my taste
at 75g per sq metre.

(2)  I started to use Tesco's Multifunction Paper (which I'm sure is
ok) but that too is a bit flimsy.

(3)  I now like Tesco's Extra White Inkjet Paper. Yup, "inkjet"!  My
wrapper doesn't say much but their website shows a slightly changed
wrapper and the website adds that it is

     "suitable for copiers, fax machines, inkjet
     printers and laser  jet printers. Can be recycled.
     Weight 90gsm."


(4)  Occasionally I have used some old HP Plus Jet paper.  
(5)  And also a little bit of "laid" textured bond paper.  
(6)  And some coloured sheets too.

Maybe all this stuff I am occasionally putting through has been
depositing some crap on the drum?

What do you think about this?

Re: OK to use inkjet paper in a laser printer?

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The drum almost certainly has a wiper blade or equivalent but you won't see it
unless you take the drum unit apart, they are invariably hidden behind the drum
itself. As Art has mentioned, the printer does not have a mirror. OKI drum
units are very reliable nowadays, they did go through a bad patch some years
Is the strip horizontal on a page looked at as Portrait? And does it repeat
doen the page, if so how far apart are the repetitions, you need to measure
very accurately from the start of one strip to the start of the next.
Or, is it a vertical line down the portrait page?
The light vertical streaks could be a LED array failure, these are rare but I
have seen a couple. In that case it may be the array or the logic that drives
MS MVP Printing/Imaging

Re: OK to use inkjet paper in a laser printer?

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Are you by any chance using refilled and/or compatible high capacity
cartridges?  Your toner cartridge when new incorporates an empty
chamber for clearing surplus toner away.  When that has filled up
obviously it is unable to continue to do this.

Andrew Smallshaw

Re: OK to use inkjet paper in a laser printer?

In general, paper designed specifically for inkjet printers should NOT
be used in laser printers, because the paper is heated to quite a high
temperature in a laser printer, and most inkjet printers do not heat the
paper at all, or use very low temperatures (just to dry the ink a bit

Most standard bond paper will indicate it can be used for both inkjet
and laser paper.  Some paper may have a finished surface to provide a
better image than laser bond paper, and those may indicate inkjet and
laser use.

The problem is with paper that is designated for inkjet use
specifically.  It probably has a special coating on it.  The glossy and
semi-gloss types usually have some plastic or gelatin coating which may
melt under the heat of a laser fuser.  However, even if they do not
melt, the may not react properly with laser technology.  Some coated
matte papers designed for inkjets may be safe for laser printers, but
again, it is likely more costly than the equivalent laser version.

In general, it is best not to use papers designed for inkjet use in a
laser printer, unless they indicate they are safe for both technologies.
  Further, in general, inkjet papers are much more costly than similar
types of laser printer papers.  For instance, a glossy laser paper may
cost 10 to 20 cents, a similar glossy inkjet paper will cost 50 cents to


John D wrote:
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Re: OK to use inkjet paper in a laser printer?

On Sat, 05 Apr 2008 11:35:19 GMT, Arthur Entlich

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You conveniently ignored mentioning that it doesn't matter
if most types of inkjet paper get hotter.

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It definitely has a coating, though "special" is a word
you're trying to spin towards you argument.  The coating is,
like it or not, able to go through a laser printer without
problems.  It is an unusual, rare rare case when it can't,
so rare that your blanket statement is incorrect.

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What happens is that if the coating is too slick, toner does
not adhere to the area.  Printouts may not be clear or dirty
looking if that is a problem.

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Glossy paper is cheaper now than it used to be.  Using
coated paper in a laser seems to have become some kind of
urban myth in that everyone is saying "don't" so they have
insufficient evidence about it, just continually repeating
the myth instead.  "Don't sail to the edge of the (flat)
world, you'll fall off"... and so most never tried.

Re: OK to use inkjet paper in a laser printer?

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For my own part I try to work on the conservative side when using a laser
printer and don't consider using ANY glossy stock. Kony, perhaps you could
provide this audience a list, or even partial list of glossy papers that
would be acceptable to lasers so that anyone desiring to use such could do
so without any forethought of damage to the printer.
Jan Alter

Re: OK to use inkjet paper in a laser printer?

On Sun, 06 Apr 2008 14:14:37 GMT, "Jan Alter"

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Any standard paper spec'd as coated inkjet paper.  It's only
unusual formulations that are problematic and these do have
a different reflective sheen to them, and can be tested by
holding over a stove burner or in front of a hairdryer to
see if they get sticky.

Basically, if it looks like a piece of coated paper, odds
are very low it's problematic.  If it looks like a sheet of
plastic with a white coating on it, don't use it.  When in
doubt heat test it first.

However, I'm not trying to advocate everyone use coated
paper instead,   Regular copymachine uncoated paper is far
more economical for laser use, merely being a heavier weight
and brighter if quality/appearance is important.  I take
that back, on second thought the semi-gloss sheen is
important on modern color lasers which have a semi-gloss
sheen to the toner so the partially covered lighter areas
don't differ in contrast.

Re: OK to use inkjet paper in a laser printer?

Although I believe my last response pretty much deals with this whole
ball of wax, I'll just add a few points.

Most gloss and semi-gloss coated inkjet paper run through a laser
printer will eventually lead to problems, such as paper jams or stuck
paper on the fuser, or melted paper on the fuser.   It may not happen
immediately, but build up of the melted plastic can and does occur.  Not
all coated inkjet papers use plastics, but most glossy papers contain
them or other low temperature coatings.

You seem to be mixing both inkjet and laser coated papers into one
barrel. There are many types of coated papers designed specifically for
laser printer use.  You will find single sided semi-gloss and gloss
papers, double sided gloss papers, acetate sheets in color, clear and
opaque forms, clay coated semi-gloss and matte surfaces for laser
printers, etc.

Also, some of the lower end matte coated papers with just a kaolin
surface usually will go through laser printers without difficulty.
These tend to be the very flat/matte surfaces.

I will now leave it to individuals to determine whether they have enough
reason to put inkjet paper through their laser printer or not.


kony wrote:
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Re: OK to use inkjet paper in a laser printer?

On Sun, 06 Apr 2008 15:01:32 GMT, Arthur Entlich

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So you claim, but again those who do so with typical coated
paper don't have this problem.

It would seem you live under the illusion that if only you
write something often enough, it then becomes true.

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You have no evidence it will occur in any significant
amount.  Fact is, any drum wears out eventually, and all
mine did from regular wear not coated paper.

Re: OK to use inkjet paper in a laser printer?

Arthur Entlich wrote:
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Since, once more, this thread is mixed up by the uncaring unsnipped
top-posting, I find it necessary to plonk the author.

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